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dr zahra ebrahiminik - orthodontist

About The Dr. Zahra Ebrahimi Nik

Biography of Dr. Zahra Ebrahimi Nik - Orthodontist

Dr. Zahra Ebrahimi Nik received her experimental diploma with a score of (19.96) in 2006 and immediately participated in the national entrance exam for the experimental field. They were accepted and at the same time officially became members of the country's brilliant talents.

In September 2013, they graduated from the general dentistry doctorate with honors and were allowed to participate in the specialized exam directly. After gaining the top 21, they were immediately accepted in the field of orthodontics of their choice at Shahid Sadoughi University in Yazd. It is worth mentioning that in order to honor the research and scientific activities of their colleagues, they compared the title of their general course dissertation with the concept of professionalism in dentistry from the point of view of dental students of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in the academic year 91.92.

Simultaneously with passing the specialized orthodontic course, in addition to university courses, they conducted extensive research in fields related to university courses, which resulted in this research; There have been 4 conference papers and 12 scientific-research papers published in prestigious international journals



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